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A series of other thoughts about NAIAS 2018

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Let’s start out with my in-the-moment string of notes during the Press Preview at this year’s NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show). This covers the main ideas about this year’s program at the time. I’ll add a few more comments and expanded thoughts at the end.

Not sure if it’s an actual color trend, but there’s a lot of orange at this year’s?#NAIAS #NAIAS2018

Attendance seems down and space more open at #NAIAS2018. Things just seem off this year. First thought it was decline of auto industry.

There’s been gap-filling of various kinds over the last few years, suppliers and related fields, but not the vacant corridors this year.

The concept of automotive ownership may be starting to decline, but it’s not to that level yet.

More media info is being released directly from the companies’ media sites directly – cheaper and easier than preparing press kits.

The political environment can’t help. I don’t have #NAIAS info, but my personal impression is that foreign journalist turnout seems low.

Even the “rides” are empty. Maybe journalists are all jaded, and these will fill during the public show. But lotsa folks standing around.

There’s a hominess to a number of the displays. Wood flooring, even on the turntables. And a giant cozy shadowbox wall display.

Maybe fewer booth babes (of the stand next to the car on the turntable variety) at #NAIAS2018 Don’t k